My small but nice collection of anime cels thru the years. Most from dealers at conventions and recently from YJ. Also please take a look at my fancels from Vance Hu of Cel Network fame. Enjoy.

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7/29/2014been 3 years since i last updated. boy have i been neglectful. time does fly by when nothing special happen during my day to day life. uploaded my past loot from ax 2012-2014 but haven't provided any comments to them just the pics. no more film cameras for me. i went digital last year and it's been a blast taking pics of cosplayers without the cost and burden of film. also found a new love in k-pop and anime music videos and it's all for free. happy dance. now i just need to transfer the loot from the wishlist section to its proper place in the gallery.
7/18/2011well, it seems i can't upload my new stuff to the gallery anymore but the images does upload into my wishlist section of the gallery. why that works is beyond me. but take a look if you want to see them. i will add details later in the future and i only picked up 2 sketches w/autograph at this year ax2011. will put them into the wishlist section when i use up the film roll. one sketch is from manga gamers and the other is from the artist of orange road.
7/16/2011rubberslug went thru a revision and somehow i can't load images now. hopefully they will bring back the old module for uploading images or i'm cooked as of now for updates. will see if i can upload images to my wishlist section.
9/19/2010upload all the sketches i got at ax2010. sorry for the 2 month delay. i got caught up in the korean wave when i started watching kbs world and have been hooked since. now i just need some time to upload some fan cels and some drawings from the artist named colorful.

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Title Last Updated
artist sketch w/autograph, shikishi (93) 7/22/2014
colorful - sketch with autograph, shikishi, penc (18) 10/4/2016
my anime room (12) 6/11/2006
vance hu (big) fancel (4) 7/17/2007
vance hu (huge) fancel (5) 7/20/2005
vance hu (reg) fancel (2) 6/10/2005
vance hu (small) fancel (3) 6/21/2005
ah! my goddess (9) 7/27/2008
animag cel - city hunter (1) 9/5/2005
animage replica series 2 - nausicaa (6) 9/2/2007
bubblegum crisis (2) 7/29/2005
card captor sakura (1) 7/13/2006
city hunter (2) 7/13/2006
dangaioh (1) 6/6/2005
detonator orgun (1) 6/6/2005
dna2 (4) 7/29/2005
el hazard (2) 6/3/2005
evangelion fancel (15) 10/20/2005
evangelion repo (2) 7/29/2006
fan art (13) 7/15/2006
fancels (16) 9/1/2007
fushigi yugi (2) 7/25/2008
gall force 2 (2) 6/6/2005
GOFA prints - silent mobius, orange road, okama (5) 7/30/2007
golden boy (1) 7/21/2007
guardian angel (2) 5/24/2005
gundam 0083 (2) 6/2/2005
inu yasha (2) 7/12/2006
key the metal idol (1) 6/3/2005
kimagure orange road (1) 8/20/2005
macross dyrl (1) 5/24/2005
macross II (7) 6/6/2005
maison ikkoku (1) 6/3/2005
megazone 23: part 3 (1) 6/6/2005
moldiver (1) 6/3/2005
my own character designs (9) 2/1/2006
patlabor (1) 6/3/2005
plastic little (4) 10/15/2005
project a-ko (1) 6/3/2005
record of lodoss war (1) 5/27/2005
robot carnival (1) 7/21/2007
sailor moon (2) 6/1/2005
sakura wars (1) 5/24/2005
silent mobius (6) 7/25/2008
sins of the sister (1) 6/6/2005
tenchi muyo (7) 6/1/2005
tokimeki memorials repo (2) 5/28/2011
vampire princess miyu (1) 6/3/2005
video girl ai (2) 7/25/2008
you're under arrest (1) 5/24/2005
zeorymer (1) 6/1/2005

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