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yahoo, ax, anicyo and colorful
last modified: Saturday, July 12, 2008 (6:59:29 PM CST)
must say staring at yahoo japan pages for cels on dial up everyday for the past year can makes one feel like a zombie. and i mean zombie in not a good way. wait, is there a good way to be zombified. see my mind already going the way of cheap gas and rising home prices. guess if i held a mirror to myself as i stare at the crt screen of my computer i would see my eyeballs glaze over like a thanksgiving ham and yj cel pages reflected backwards on my glasses. oooh psychodelic.

thank god for ax08 to snap me out of it. time away from the cel hunt is a good thing in my book. besides i wasn't getting much from yj and losing auctions is never as much fun as winning them. so me and my brother spent 5 nights at the westin bonaventure in downtown la for ax08 and had a blast. well, a mini-blast since we didn't get as much stuff as last year and walking alot at our ages takes a bigger toll on us than when we were younger. nailed autographs from kato, hidaka, takada, jyukai and seki but was only able to get 2 sketch from ando and they were from characters from his latest project,"sword of the stranger". must now do research on the names of the hero and villian of the show so i can id them for the gallery. i'll do an ax only blog soon so wait for it.

now for anicyo. (deep breath) sometime ago, i foget when precisely, i submitted my gallery to anicyo link page thinking nothing much of it except to help the gallery on a google search. well that didn't work after several weeks so i just went back to yj cel searches and neglected the gallery since september of last year. in may i went to see my gallery and see what was the most visited item in the gallery and was surprised to see the anime room pics were not on top anymore. the mikimoto sketch of minmay was the leader now with vance hu's (big) fancels from macross taking 3 and 5 with sadamoto's sketch from nadia taking number 7 away from the my anime room pics. looking at the anicyo site i saw that they were coming from their link page so i must thank anicyo for overthrowing the pics of my anime room. they must be alot of macross fan on anicyo but i wonder if they fully understood the site.

now to the fans of my colorful sketch and autograph section of my gallery an update. i have won 2 more original color sketches, 4 pencil sketches and 6 colorful reproductions. i never bought a reproduction of a colorful sketch before so i was nervous when they were delivered. but they turned out fine and i'm happy with them. so look for an update in 3 weeks when i break out the old 35mm camera and add them to the gallery. take care everyone.
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vance hu, range murata and GOFA
last modified: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 (6:45:23 PM CST)

got my vance hu fancel from ah! my goddess up in the gallery. it looks fine but maybe i should have ordered a huge one instead of a big one. i'm running out of wall space anyway in the anime room so i might as well end it now then look to make another big purchase. i usually spend below 90 dollars for most of my collection and just spend big on 1 item a year.

most of the time that big item is an item from GOFA when i attend ax. if i see something interesting there i buy it, if not i don't. these past 2 years have been kor items from akemi takada. but this year the prices for kor items are beyond a drugstore retail employee salary. and besides i'm basically a cheap person by nature so no kor items for me. although there was a nice print without matt or frame that looked nice until i saw the price. $1.5k. yikes.

while scanning the net i looked up GOFA and saw their online store chalk full of range murata items and even saw kor items i bought from them. they went up in price significantly from last i remembered. some doubled in price. yikes again.

though i must say alot of the items they showed at ax isn't on their site which i find odd. i guess people at ax had first shot at all the okama items they brought first which is nice but the kor item i saw for 1.5k isn't on the site so i can't even look at it anymore from faraway. sigh.

well there's always next year i guess. and if anyone is interested in murata ( last exile and blue submarine no.6 ) items here's the link


click on the small number 12>>> above the right corner item to get to the next page. there's about 72 items total.
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vance hu's cel network
last modified: Saturday, July 07, 2007 (8:31:53 PM CST)
it's been 15 years since i last heard from vance hu, the maker of my large sized fancels, in fact it was 1992 or 93 when i bought my last fancel from him, the beautiful (huge) deedlit to be exact. life sort of got in the way for both of us so i was content to let it go at that.

i've been collecting long enough to know that certain things come in spurts before it disappears so i was just glad to be able to buy from and get commissions done by him in that short period of time. his works still hang on my wall as the had these last 15 years and in fact i made this gallery 2 years ago hoping to find other collectors of his work to no avail.

made an anime room section in the gallery to show off his works and others and they became the most hit item in the gallery but still no leads on other collectors or vance hu himself. then around june of this year i got an e-mail from vance hu.

it seems a customer of his bar suggusted he look up his name on ask.com and sure enough he did that night. at the #2 result of the search list was my gallery's vance hu sections. he looked at his work from 15 years ago in the gallery and used the feedback of the gallery to contact me.

the next day i went through my e-mails and was surprised to see his name and thought, "no way". read thru the e-mail and replied normally but ask at the end whether he would do commissions again. in turn he said yes and i began the whole commission process from 15 years ago. it felt so nostalgic.

spent a couple of days looking for an image and settle for an ah! my goddess mini poster image of skuld, belldandy, and urd in wedding dresses sitting on a red bench. i scanned and jpeged the image and settle the important details like size, price and matt and framing colors in e-mails. paid half now, other half upon completion thru paypal which came to 425 for a (big) cel with matt, framing and shipping. not bad when the other (big) cels in the collection cost about 345 to 400 dollars 15 years ago.

waited about 3 weeks and saw a preview picture of the completed cel and was happy. ax came around that time so i had to go knowing it would arrive when i got back. came back 6 days later and sure enough it was there waiting for me. another beautiful cel for the collection but i came to a realization," where am i going to hang it?". maybe if i adjust this picture there and move this one here. lol.

right now i need to get the 35mm camera and take a picture for the gallery so people can see it. it's a 11x16 cel sitting in a 18x24 white frame. in fact it's similiar in size to the okama print i just bought at ax from GOFA which of course i will also take a picture of plus all the goodies i won off yj this past months.

so if by chance there is any collector of vance hu cel network cels out there reading this, you can contact him at vancehu@aol.com

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